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The Essay Library is a Discord server for video essay creators and viewers to chat about all things video essays. It's also the official server of r/videoessay.

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The Essay Library Anthology
Compilations of micro-essays around a given theme.
Volume 1 | Beginnings
Volume 2 | Time

Essay of the Week
Each week, someone is chosen to share a video essay to discuss in the #essay-of-the-week channel. We talk about where it succeeds, where it fails, and what we can learn about it for our own videos.
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Give yourself roles (Creator and/or Viewer) and indicate your pronouns in the #welcome-and-rules channel by clicking the corresponding emojis.Introduce yourself in the #introduce-yourself channel (optional).The #general channel is the main place to chat. If you have any questions about how to navigate the server, just ask here and someone can help you out.
The Essay Library was founded by OutOfCharacters.

Every week, one member of the server is chosen at random to choose a video essay for others to watch. In doing this, we can learn how to improve our own videos. With its wide range of selections, this has prompted us to interrogate what defines a video essay. Are all of these works even video essays? The #essay-of-the-week channel is home to these discussions.

Taskmaster: A Masterpiece Of Existentialist Philosophy: Sartre, Kierkegaard, Camus & Horne
Hermit Banana Monster

The Complex Problems with Mental Illness in Fiction
Hello Future Me

Control, Anatomy, and the Legacy of the Haunted House
Jacob Geller

Dead Doesn't Mean Gone - A Haunting of Bly Manor Video Essay

What Makes a Video Game Sublime? Kant's Philosophy in Video Games

Liminal Spaces (Exploring an Altered Reality)
Solar Sands

Monsters University and Disability
The Sin Squad

Scambaiting and the Robot of Global Capitalism
Big Joel

In Praise of Chairs
Every Frame a Painting

Why Generation 5 isn't as Bad as People Think

Overthinking It: Calvin & Hobbes | Separating Consumption From Identity
RomanBear Productions

How To Be Creative: How an Artist Turns Pro

Hayao Miyazaki - How Animation Comes To Life

Inextinguishable Fire
Harun Farocki

Ocean Waves - Studio Ghibli's (Accidental) Queer Film

Sonic Adventure 2 - A Postmodern Analysis
Jonas ńĆeika - CCK Philosophy